Holistic Wellness Sessions

Holistic comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning ‘whole’. A holistic approach considers physical, mental and emotional health, and allows the therapist to treat the person as a whole, instead of addressing individual symptoms.

I have created these sessions to allow for multiple therapies and healing modalities to be used in one session. I truly believe that in most cases, when trying to achieve balance and harmony within the mind and body, there are many therapies and methods that can help. By combining these and using a mixture of what I feel is best for the individual, symptoms are more likely to improve, therefore restoring balance.

For example, if a client was to attend suffering with digestive complaints whilst also under a lot of emotional stress, they would benefit more from a session containing a combination of abdominal massage and reflexology, rather than only one of these therapies.

The sessions are available as 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hour sessions.