Holistic Pregnancy + Post Natal Support

Pregnancy reflexology can be performed from 12 weeks, right through to when baby arrives. My aim is to help you achieve the most positive pregnancy experience possible.

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy Reflexology is one of the safest, and most gentle treatments to support you and your baby during pregnancy. The therapy can be performed from 12 weeks to support you during each trimester, and minimize any symptoms or discomfort that may be present. Through helping both mother and baby to relax, this can promote bonding, and breastfeeding.

Research shows that regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy may improve the chances of a shorter, less intense labour and improve recovery time.

Post Natal Reflexology

Reflexology is a deeply calming and supportive therapy to enjoy during the months after giving birth. On an emotional level, having reflexology encourages you to slow down, relax and allow yourself to release the heavy emotions that can arise when adjusting to life with a new born. It offers time for quiet and stillness to rest and recover from giving birth and caring for your little one.

Post Natal Reflexology can also boost the production of breastmilk, rebalance hormones, strengthen your immune system, encourage healing and ease stress and anxiety.