Reflexology is a gentle, relaxing therapy that promotes balance and harmony of the mind and body, while encouraging the body to heal itself. Pressure and specialised massage techniques are applied to various ‘reflex points’ on the feet. These points correspond to the organs of the body – by working them in this way we can view the feet as a map of the body.

Historically, there is evidence of reflexology being practised in China as long ago as 2330 B.C. and also at the same time in Egypt, as depicted in the tomb of Ankmahor. The Native American tribes are known to have practised a form of foot therapy for hundreds of years. It was made popular again in the 1940’s by a physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham who dedicated forty years of her life developing this into modern reflexology as we know it today.

In general, reflexology helps to optimise our bodily systems and the function of our organs. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, bring about a sense of calm and promote restful sleep.

From my years of experience and continuous study, I have learnt various forms of reflexology and completed advanced trainings to enable me to work with clients who need support with infertility, assisted conception (such as IVF, ICSI, IUI), hormonal health, pregnancy, post-natal wellbeing and menopause.

You can see more detailed information on the advanced therapies below:

Pregnancy Reflexology
Pregnancy Reflexology is one of the safest, and most gentle treatments to support you and your baby during pregnancy. The therapy can be performed from 12 weeks to support you during each trimester, and minimize any symptoms or discomfort that may be present. Through helping both mother and baby to relax, this can promote bonding and breastfeeding.
Research shows that regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy may improve the chances of a shorter, less intense labour and improve recovery time.

Reproflexology™ (Fertility Reflexology)
Reproductive Reflexology is a specialised form of Reflexology designed to treat both male and female infertility.
In females, we work with specific protocols for each phase of your cycle to support a healthy womb lining, ovulation, implantation and hormonal balance. During the pre-conceptual phase, this treatment helps with balancing the hormones, regulating the cycle, and boosting overall health. The treatment can be altered to support conditions affecting your fertile health. For males, the treatment is tailored to combat factors affecting your fertility, whilst promoting overall general and fertile health.

Reproflexology™ for Assisted Conception
Suitable for working alongside Clomid, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Reproductive Reflexology during Assisted Conception is a safe, specialised form of Reflexology that works to support whatever fertility treatment you are receiving. Specific protocols are chosen to work with each stage of your treatment protocol, and compliment the medications, whilst easing any side effects.